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HVAC Training – Dual Capacitor Checkout

This is part of our Online HVAC Certification Program. Working together with HVAC Contractors, we provide the classroom, they provide the hands-on OJT. Following the NCCER Curriculum this four level course takes approximately 2 years to complete.

In just one or two modules you will learn the following:

1. Describe the fundamentals of electricity.

State how electrical power is created and distributed.
State the safety practices associated with electricity.
Describe the difference between alternating current and direct current.

2. Explain basic electrical theory.

Define voltage, current, resistance, and power and describe how they are related.
Use Ohm’s law to calculate the current, voltage, and resistance in a circuit.
Use the power formula to calculate how much power is consumed by a circuit.
Describe the differences between series and parallel circuits and calculate circuit loads for each type..

4. Identify the electrical measuring instruments used in HVAC/R work and describe their uses.

Describe how voltage is measured.
Describe how current is measured.
Describe how resistance is measured.

3. Identify electrical components used in HVAC/R systems and describe their functions.

Identify and describe various load devices and explain how they are represented on circuit diagrams.
Identify and describe various control devices and explain how they are represented on circuit diagrams.
Identify and describe the types of electrical diagrams used in HVAC/R work.

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