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Winter: How to Keep the Seniors Warm and Safe

Senior Citizens are more susceptible to all kinds of winter illnesses. Their immune system were weakened due to old age hence they are more prone to all kinds of viruses, bugs, colds, hypothermia and other infections that arise during the cold season. They are weak and sickly and that’s an inevitable fact though there are some measures we could do to protect them and keep them way far from these illnesses winter may bring.

Keep them warm.      

One major cause of hypothermia is not enough insulation provided especially for the seniors when they mostly need it. Best way to deal with it is to always expect the unexpected when it comes to weather and when you will be outside anytime of the day. The temperature might plummet, no one knows so get armored and fight back the cool air kicks you. Wear a hat, layers your clothing, have a scarf and gloves for the exposed areas of the body and bring an umbrella. It might be used when foot acts up and avoid accidental fall. A couple of warm knit cardigans will do the trick as well whether you’re outdoor or indoors.

Keep winter appliances working at all times.

Heaters, thermostat, kettle, furnaces, fire places and more are all big part of keeping the oldies warm and comfortable. These must be checked at all times and have them repaired as soon as any of them malfunctions. Check if your heating system is working to specification because it plays a very important role in avoiding our senior citizens from freezing. Check them as early as possible and get a quality heater or ac repair immediately, much better to have this before winter to avoid hassle and pricey heating repair services. The demand before winter is also smaller hence you can get your most preferred repair contractor and enjoy their services is a less competitive deals.

Emergency system.

A personal emergency system is always essential no matter what the season is. Falls and accidents are a major bad luck in winter so as much as possible, the youngsters must get a chance to be ready and give immediate response whenever something happens. Some accidents were caused by seniors’ troubled joints so giving them a massage during this season will do better for them to feel well and be able to stand the cold in a better way.

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